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Let’s not argue before the first date, mmk?

About a month ago, after reading rave reviews about how it was the best dating site ever, I signed up for OkCupid. Yes, I went there. Sue me. Between being a mom, my 9-5 and my after-work grind to conquer the world, I rarely have ‘spare’ time for anything – especially dating. When I do have a spare moment, I prefer to spend it drinking and sleeping. (That sounded more pathetic than it is IRL, promise) On my 30th birthday, I told myself that unless I wanted to spend the rest of my life #foreveralone, I needed to get out there and find me a man. Hello, OkCupid.

A Seat at The Table by Solange Knowles

It’s the type of album that speaks to your soul. Reminiscent of pre-millennium musical artistry, it brings you back to your childhood and early teens – when life’s problems were solved by a pair of your favorite cushioned headphones and your favorite CD in your discman on repeat. It’s the type of album you’d spend hours at the mall in Sam Goody listening to song samples of, and feeling as if you’ve reached the highest plateau of contentment when you’re walking out of the store with it in all its shrinked-wrapped glory. You’d spend the night with the album. Its songs playing as loud in your small boombox as you were allowed, as you curl up with your pillow, eyes closed in your bed. During those moments, it didn’t matter how angry you were. It didn’t matter that you were hurting. It was as if nothing outside those walls – outside those sounds ever troubled you. In that moment, the songs spoke to you, and you were just glad someone finally understands. That is A Seat at The Table by Solange Knowles. It is that album.