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Everything is Fluid



“Let’s stop trying to force feed society the lie that transitioning redefines normal. It only makes you fit into what society says normal looks like.”
— Nyla Lauren

A video recently surfaced on my Facebook news feed. It was about a male Special Forces soldier who transitioned to female while still on active duty. In the video, the soldier – now named Alana, shares her story of how she “entered the military to become a man or die”, but decided to live as “her true self” and undergo gender reassignment surgery. Alana has had breast implants and other cosmetic surgeries, grew her hair out, took hormonal supplements to alter her voice and muscle tone, and underwent gender reassignment surgery – meaning she had her penis split in half, inverted, and then placed into a surgically-created hole in her pubic area to make a vagina.

Throughout the video, the same ‘brave’ narrative is told that we’ve all grown accustomed to hearing: that it’s important for one to live as their authentic self. That gender is about self-identity – not biology and science. As I watched the video, and the irony of what it means to be transgender played before my eyes, I couldn’t help but be amazed at the ridiculousness and delusion of it all.

Everything is Fluid

For as far back as we can remember, biology teaches us that women have breasts, long hair, soft voices, and vaginas, and that men have hairy chests, short hair, masculine voices, and penises. Those are the fundamental biological differences that we are taught early that makes a woman a woman and a man a man. Transgender people and those who support them state over and over that gender is not about biology. And like Alana, they make this claim while simultaneously changing everything about themselves to be biologically more like the opposite sex. In doing so, they’ve essentially said, “I was born a man. But my true gender is a woman. My gender is not about biology – but identity. However, I’m not a real woman in my eyes if I don’t have female biology. So I’m going to change my biological parts – cut off my penis and get fake breasts. I’m going to grow out my hair, and alter my voice. I’m going to change all of my biology that I can. Even though gender isn’t biological at all.” Does one not see the absurdity in that? If gender is truly about identity and not biology, why alter your biology for something that is allegedly not biological at all? The answer is simple. Gender is biological, and nothing will ever change that.

Friends, you have a civil right to choose how you identity yourself. Whether you identify as gay, bi or straight, woman, man or someone in between – it is your right. But don’t be lead to believe that being who you are requires changing who you are. Who says a woman is only a woman if she has breasts and a vagina? Who says a man is only a man if he has facial hair and a penis? Why can’t a man that looks like a man simply say he’s a woman? Period. And let that be that? Let’s stop trying to force feed society the lie that transitioning redefines normal. It only makes you fit into what society says normal looks like.

Alana’s Story


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