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That viral face app everyone’s using is sending your data to Russia, investigation finds.

If you’ve been anywhere near social media over the past few days, you’ve seen pictures people have posted ‘aged’ by a viral app simply titled, ‘Face App’. Celebrities from Drake, Tyrese, The Jonas Brothers, Gordon Ramsay, Taylor Swift, and more are using it to create photos of what they’d look like as an elderly person several years from now. Now, an investigative study conducted by The Independent has found that the app is secretly collecting your phone’s data, then sending it to a server in Russia.

We are all lost here.

You ever just wake up one night after an impromptu nap, and get hit with the sudden revelation that you’re lost? And then you realize that you’re not just lost – you’re really fucking lost, and you only have a small inkling of how long you’ve been lost and no inkling whatsoever of how to find yourself again? Plot twist: I’m describing myself. It’s okay. We’re all lost here.