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We are all lost here.

You ever just wake up one night after an impromptu nap, and get hit with the sudden revelation that you’re lost? And then you realize that you’re not just lost – you’re really fucking lost, and you only have a small inkling of how long you’ve been lost and no inkling whatsoever of how to find yourself again? Plot twist: I’m describing myself. It’s okay. We’re all lost here.

Bloom Where You’re Planted

It’s funny how often our own words come back as reminders to guide us in the right direction. 2 months ago, I began writing acronyms on my white board at work that stood for what I felt I needed to work on at that moment. My plan was to use the acronyms as reminders, by placing them some place visible I’d have to look at each day. And to practice what was written until I perfected it and changed my behavior. I don’t have a deadline. I leave the acronym up as long as it takes. It’s been surprisingly effective and has worked (so far) surprisingly fast. Last month, I worked on thinking before I spoke. Now, I’m working on contentment.